It is our aim to share knowledge of mast cell diseases with healthcare professionals and provide education to all medical fields. This will help spread awareness of our diseases and improve patient outcomes. Having knowledgable staff leads to better patient care.

Continuing Education

Mast Cell Hope is always working on creating and offering continuing education credits to medical professionals. It is our intention to better the experiences of patients when visiting the Emergency Department, General Practitioners, Hospital and Specialists. We will also be creating courses for nurses and other vital medical staff. Medical personnel who are educated about the triggers, sensitivities, and treatments for Mast Cell patients are more likely to treat us with understanding and proper medical interventions.

For Parents of Children with Mast Cell Disease, 504 Planning Document - Parents please read our November 2019 newsletter special education section. This can help you advocate for your child in the school setting.

Our Courses

Currently, there are no courses available. Please check back soon.