Mast Cell Disease Blood Test, Second Feasability Study, International

*Expanded Explanation of the new Mast Cell Disease Diagnostic Test*

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I have reached out to our team that developed this new diagnostic test. I explained that our community had many questions and needed more information released to them. They agreed to let me release the basic information about this revolutionary test. This test was developed over ten years and cost $250,000 to develop and too complete the first feasibility study. We are raising funds for a second, wider, three continent feasibility study with the aim of FDA approval. Our goal is that this test would be available to all physicians in every country of the world. A true diagnostic test through a simple blood draw.

Your physician would order the blood test.

You do not have to stop any medications that you are currently taking.

Your physician would notify the lab if you are on steroids (systemic only), Aspirin, Nsaids, and certain cancer drugs. These drugs do not stop you from getting the test.

You should not have excessive exertion or exercise 2 hours before the test.

One tube of blood is drawn.

The lab processes your blood and separates out your living cells including mast cells.

The cells are then divided into little cups.

These cells are each stressed with different compounds and the PGD2 released is measured.

A Negative (normal levels) result would be PGD2 0 to .5 controlled units of mast cell activation

A Positive (abnormal levels) result would be PGD2 .6-3.0 controlled units of mast cell activation

In a positive test result, there are three levels that allow a physician to assess your current mast cell activation levels.

Low Intensity - .5 to 1.5 control units of mast cell activation (PGD2)

Standard Intensity - 1.5 to 2.5 control units of mast cell activation (PGD2)

High Risk - immediate medical intervention needed- 2.5 to 3.0 control units of mast cell activation (PGD2)

Mast cell hope is bringing together an international coalition of physicians, researchers and statisticians to get this test to market. This is an enormous undertaking. I would like to thank the individuals involved in this project. They have given years to help our patient population. Their work and sacrifice should be very appreciated. Thank you to the entire Mast Cell Hope team.

Thank you to everyone who donated so far! If you have not donated, please go to and click on the donate button on the upper right side of the home page. Paypal and MC/Visa accepted. If you can, run a facebook fundraiser for Mast Cell Hope. You can reach me at or 860-621-9553 Eastern Time

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Bonnie Sica, President