Kick-off Project / Staged Genome Study

We are excited to announce our first Research project. We are raising money to fund a double blind, staged Genome study. This study will start with Systemic Mastocytosis, Cutaneous Mastocytosis, Monoclonal MCAS and Idiopathic MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) patients and their family members will be eligible to participate. This will allow us to get one step closer to answer the question, is there a genetic component to these diseases? If so, what is it?

We will be diving deep into the genes of patients and family members that suffer from Mast Cell Diseases using whole genome sequencing with the the largest scale system available from Illumina the NovaSeq 6000. This study will not just be exome sequencing but full genome sequenced across two flow cells.

Join Today! Only members will be eligible to be chosen as participants in our research studies.
(Full patient questionnaire registry, medical information and diagnosis must be provided by patients and family members. Your identity is kept confidential. Each participant will be assigned a research number and your genetic information will only be known by this number. This is a double blind project.)

Please donate to this worthy project that will produce data which will benefit researchers across the globe.