About Mast Cell Hope


Mast Cell Hope was built out of a desire to improve the suffering of mast cell patients. We need better tests, treatments and a cure. Through our action-oriented approach we are committed to making our goals a reality. We are not a patient support group but we are a patient and physician inspiration group.

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We are driven by our mission and most of us have been in the mast cell community for over twenty years. We understand the devastating toll this disease takes on families and we want to end that.

We have lofty goals and big ideas. We are an action-oriented group and we hope that you will join us.

Research is the way to achieve our goals, and that takes a lot of funding. We strive to follow up on current research, create a genome study and be at the forefront of future research around the world.

Unfortunately, our diseases are rare and difficult to diagnose. Our educational goal is to offer continuing education courses for Emergency Department staff and General Practitioners. Our long term goal is to offer educational training to all medical professionals.

Become a member or make a donation today. All patients, caregivers, family, friends, physicians and researchers are welcome to become members.

Board of Directors

  • Bonnie Sica, President
  • Marilyn Huntley, RN, Vice President
  • Katie Pagano, Secretary
  • Dr. Anthony Ciardella, B. Ph, MS, MD, Board Member
  • Kat Campisi, Board Member

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